Thursday, September 1, 2016

Getting Back on Track

It has been a while since I have updated the blog, but I am going to try to be better at it.  I will get pictures uploaded from the past, but it will probably be one post for a month of pictures.   The girls are growing like weeds!!! We started the morning off with school, Safi is picking up a bit of of division and mastering her multiplication facts.  She has struggled with her multiplication but I think that we have finally found something that works for her.     Penny is Penny, full of energy and curious about everything, especially if Safi is doing it.  I have started Letter of the Week with her, she seems interested but with it we are also working on fine motor skills, sorting, colors, cutting (heaven help me), coloring, and most importantly having fun.   Tonight we are at the gym for swim team practice, we are here every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  Safi made the commpetitive swim team and she is working hard, now to qualify for the swim meets.  

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