Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Baby Blues

This summer I noticed that the Bean's right eye was drifting out.  At first I thought that it was just because she was tired, but it didn't get better, actually it seemed to get worse.  I took her to the doctor and he referred us to the pediatric opthomologist.  We waited and got in on August 22.  After meeting with the doctor he deteremined that it was both eyes that were drifting out and that the right eye had actually gotten worse and was affecting her depth perception.  That was making her trip randomly while she was playing.   The doctor recommended Strabismis surgery to correct this problem.  Her eyes were considered to be in the severe range, patching and prism glasses were options but the chances of either working were slim to none. The Bean's best option was surgery. So we said yes and then started doing our research.   We scheduled surgery for September 13.  In the meantime we would patch for an hour a day to help retain her current vision.   The Ladybug stayed with some fabulous friends the night before and early in the morning of the 13th Chris, the Bean, and I headed down to Children's.  She was such a trooper and tolerated all of the vitals checks and questions.  Chris and I got to take her back to the operating room and she laid down and went right to sleep, everyone commented about how out of the ordinary her behavior was.   Oh she made up for that after coming out of surgery.  The Bean did not come out easily, she was very combative, mean, and angry.  Poor thing felt like she had a handful of sand in her eyes but she tolerated it with just some motrin and aspirin. By the next day she was almost back to her old self.   Here we are two weeks out and our Bean is so happy!!! Her eyes are not drifting out anymore, she is falling less (come on she is two and runs EVERYWHERE!), and is just a healthy happy kid.   I love those Baby Blues!!!

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