Friday, July 17, 2015

The Ladybug Turns Seven!

Not really sure how this happened. Pretty sure it was just yesterday that we were running around with our heads cut off trying to buy stuff to bring home our precious little girl.  And now she is 7?!   Today she wrapped up a week at Lego Camp with her buddy Carter. They put on a "play" with their Lego creations that they worked on all week. She wanted to go as Princess Leia, so we decked her out and sent her on her way.
She was so excited!!! When I walked her in she was pretty much swarmed by the other kids and everyone was excited. The Ladybug was the only one dressed up, but she didn't care.   We had dinner and said our "see ya laters" to our wonderful babysitter that has been with us the last three years.  Our family has been lucky to have Nikky in our lives and she will be missed.  Nikky just fit, and we are an odd group to just fit with. We wish her luck and can't wait to visit when we head back out to California for visits.   Texas Roadhouse was the destination of choice for the Ladybug's birthday dinner. Fun was had by all and she was spoiled rotten by the waiter.  Happy Birthday Ladybug!!!

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