Friday, December 12, 2014

Starting Off Ski Season!

Today the Ladybug and I were able to sneak away and start our third ski season together!!! I can't believe that this is the third year she has been skiing.


It was a surprise and the look on her face when I went in to wake her up was awesome. I already had the car loaded, all we had to do was get dressed and hit the road.

She had a gobstopper in her mouth!
We had a fabulous morning skiing, the ladybug was a little worried in the beginning but she took off and never looked back. No falling today for her!!!
I told Pops he better double his exercise routine because the Ladybug is going to kick his butt this year!
We took a break from skiing and did a little tubing. She has a need for speed and got some of that in on the tubing hill.



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