Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Jellybean's Adoption Day

This is a day we have all been waiting so long for.  Although she was ours the moment we held her up for the first time, she is officially and legally.

For 4  years we have been through so many ups and downs, false alarms, changed minds, buracratic bs, closed agencies, inspections, homestudies, fraud, you name it and we have experienced it.  But that all came to an end today.  Our family is complete (although the Ladybug still informs us at least once a week that she has baby brothers coming).

The Jellybean is perfect in every way, huge but perfect.  Chris laughs and tells everyone that she is exactly what would happen if we were to conceive our own child.

Today was a double dose of excitement as it is also Chris' Birthday, this is a present that will be hard to top next year, but it will make celebrating each year just that much more special.  Definitely nothing disappointing about the day.

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