Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Ladybug, The Jellybean, and The Beautiful Fall Colors

Today we took a drive up to our favorite national park...Rocky Mountain National Park. Let's just say I am pretty sure that half the state had the same idea.  It is never a good sign when the park ranger says, "Good Luck in there!" as you flash your pass and drive through the gates.

We had a blast though! A picnic lunch in a field at the end of an aspen grove, who could have asked for a better setting? The girls clowned around and we took a ton of pictures, thank goodness for digital! I can't imagine the amount of film and the tons of nonsense pics we would end up with. Oh wait, I DO remember that day vaguely, and I have the most adorable picture of three little kids painted from head to toe in watercolors to show for that.  It might have been a surprise for Mom to find that picture, but it sure was fun!

From flying babies, to fake smiles from the Ladybug I'm pretty sure we have it all.  And yes we saw the Elk, and no we weren't the DUMB tourists trying to get too close or leaving our vehicle in the middle of the road to get out and look.

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