Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dinner with Alice, Taffy, and Johnna

Who can say no to lunch/dinner to long time friends?

A little backstory...

Last year Safi and I spent the night with Cathy, Sally, and Johnna we had a great time and Safi was an angel for being the only child (and spoiled rotten).  Well, Safi decided that Cathy and Sally needed new names.  So Cathy became "Taffy" and Sally became "Alice."  When asked why she did this, "Just because I like those names."

Johnna was a bit sad because she was stuck with her given name, but Safi liked that one.  And for the record she can say Cathy and Sally, Safi just chooses not to.

We had a fabulous afternoon and made plans to continue it in Wimberley come August.  Sometimes you just need dear friends to make everything better.

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