Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Daily Life of a Ladybug and a JellyBean

School work is done, a field trip to Google, practice with primary and secondary colors and now some painting practice, today has been a busy day!

A couple of bottles, some tummy time, a nap, a stinky diaper, some more tummy time and time for another has been a full day!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Funday

Today we explored Triceratops Trail. We saw dinosaur footprints, imprints of plants, and raindrops. Pretty Cool!!

The Ladybug also got to try out her awesome new binocs!

The Ladybug Does a Tri

Saturday the Ladybug completed her first triathlon!!! We are so proud of her, she did an awesome job!!

The goals for the day were to follow directions, be respectful, no whining (or crying), and to have fun.  Mission accomplished :))

It was the Strong Kids Tri at the Y in Lafeyette, just so happens that one of our favorite neighbors was the organizer, and she did a fabulous job. 

So incredibly proud of the Ladybug, and the Baby Bug was awake and cheering her Big Sister on the whole time!

Too pooped from cheering!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

School and Tummy Time

ThenWhile working on school work in the basement with The Ladybug the JellyBean did some tummy time with some mirrors and color cylinder. She had a blast and laughed and cooed til she wore herself out!

Then Doodle came to keep her company...

9 Weeks and Growing!

The JellyBean is turning into Chubba Wubba!

At her two month check the JellyBean weighs in at 10lbs 7oz and is 22" long!!! She is our growing little weed.

Great head control, loves to sit up (and tries to do sit-ups in her bouncy seat). Smiles and coos, loves to have her sister read to her, and to run her feet in the dogs fur. She LOVES to be outside!

Not sure who is more in love with whom but these two WILL make an impression on the world!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Zoos and Birthdays Go Hand in Hand

If you are a Ladybug where do you celebrate your birthday with all of your friends?  The zoo of course!!

This morning we went to the zoo and had a birthday party for a special six year old!!!  Thanks to all that came out to celebrate.  The Ladybug had a fabulous birthday.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Botanical Gardens and Birthdays

Today the Ladybug turned 6 years old!!!  How did that happen?  Yesterday I had a sweet little bitty two year old.

We packed up and headed down to the Denver Botanical Gardens for the day.  The Chihuly exhibit is there and Mimi hadn't seen it so we headed down for the day to have some lunch and do some exploring.  Can't find a much prettier place to spend your birthday!!

South African Pizza??

After dinner at Lucky Pie downtown we came home and shared an ice cream cake from Sweet Cow with friends.  The perfect end to a perfect day!!