Monday, April 14, 2014

The Ladybug is NOT a Professional Soccer Player

A flyer came home in the ladybug's Gold Binder about the Rec Center's soccer program. It was about 2 months long and would be over with when the school year ended. Safi was excited and wanted to try. So I signed her up, told the rec center she was 6 so she could play in the same league as the other kids in her class.

Well, that didn't happen, they put her with the 7 year olds. Her coach is a bit hardcore and assumes that the girls know exactly what she is talking about without explaining things. The topper was the email that basically said get to practice and be there on time or your kid won't play. This email came during a bi week. Not a big fan of the coach, but Safi is having fun, and that is all that matters.

First game was kinda a train wreck, but she is trying and having fun. Guess we will experiment with other sports to see if there is a fit. If not oh well, there is always skiing!!!

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