Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Married The Best

So, today I am going through things, filing things, just trying to clean up from the holiday rush, visitors, and just file things that I have been putting off.

I opened the computer and found a recommendation letter that Chris had written for Ankle Frank.  These two have a "guys" relationship, and lord knows they have butted heads.  I think this letter sums up how Gyant feels about the Ankle.  I love you two more than you will ever know.

When you’re asked to write a recommendation, you’re asked to write the best about someone, to note virtues and vouch your approval.  But sometimes it isn’t enough to do that.  Sometimes, there’s more to the story.  Sometimes, there’s more to recommend than just the best. 
I’ve known Frank throughout his entire life.  I’ve watched him grow and learn and fall and rise.  I’ve seen him work, like all children, to understand the world.  I’ve looked on as he struggled, like all young men, to stand on his own and make his own way.
And I’ve been lucky enough to be more than a witness.  I’ve been a part of his story.  I wish I could tell you all of it so that you could truly understand why I recommend him to you.  But, instead, let me tell you why I respect him.
Like too many boys, Frank didn’t have a strong connection with his father.  Unlike many others, however, he had a mother and sister who fought to make up the difference and more.  Frank knows love because of that.
Like other teen-agers, Frank explored and experimented.  He saw both sides of success and had to make up for his own mistakes.  Frank understands accountability because of that.  
Like some young men, Frank is going to college.  But Frank has worked hard to maintain his studies and his responsibilities, tackling engineering while holding down a job.  Frank demonstrates real responsibility in that.
There’s a world and a lifetime ahead of Frank.  There are many choices he has yet to make.   But I know he will act with compassion, hold himself accountable, take responsibility for his life, and be the best man he can be.
I know Frank.  I respect him.  There’s no better recommendation I can offer than that.

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