Monday, February 24, 2014

Best Day Ever....Well One of Them at Least!

     I thought I was being sneaky this morning, getting up early and heading for a day on the Mountain.  I was going to squeeze in a few runs and enjoy the beautiful Bluebird Day.  I arrived just as the lifts were opening and I figured I had about 4 hours to get a few laps in before I had to head down the mountain and scoop up the Ladybug from school.

     I'm enjoying the day, the freedom of not having a shadow and having to worry about where she was, beautiful weather and then the phone rings.  I'm on the lift and I have a few minutes so I answer it.  On the other end of the line is our contact from the adoption agency.  We have been choosen!!!

As the tears stream down my face and catch in my goggles she begins to tell me all kinds of things and I am trying really hard to concentrate but I am pretty sure most of it went in one ear and out the other.  I made it off the lift, I had my ear piece in, and got out of the way to continue the conversation.  I'm not sure exactly what I said but I'm sure it made complete sense at the time, to someone.

I hung up with her and immediately called Chris, he was sitting in the chair at the eye doctor's office and had just had his eyes dilated.  We hung up and tried again about five minutes later, which happened to be while I was skiing down a blue run.  Yes, I was talking to my husband, with an ear piece, crying  and skiing down a blue run; safety first!

After a full day I headed back down the mountain, might as well continue skiing, not much else I could do at that point.  Once I got back to town I stopped and got a shirt for Safi.  Then I headed to the house to unload and go walk to pick her up, it was a beautiful day Isabel could use some exercise and I could always use more.

After a quick stop at the park, like 5 minutes because the cold front blew in and it smelled like the kids were playing in a pig sty we headed back to the house.  I took a shower and Safi organized a campout for some of her stuffed animals.  We got dressed and headed downtown for dinner.

Safi saw the pink bag in my purse and asked what it was.  I told her it was a surprise for Daddy and her but that they couldn't have it until after dinner had been ordered and the wait began.

The time arrived and I handed her the bag, she opened it and read the words  "Big Sister"  Safi had a huge smile on her face and asked, "Who is a Big Sister?"  We explained to her that she would be a big sister in June!  Then I made the announcement that she would be getting a Little Sister in June!!!  Chris and Safi both had HUGE smiles on their faces.

Our little family is growing, and we couldn't be happier.  This has to be one of the Best Days of Our Lives. So now we have a few months to work out all of the details, add some more pink to the house, and prepare to open our hearts even more.  Our little family is growing, and we are so thankful for this opportunity to share our love, share our hearts.

While we are working out details, we need some help.  We had 24 hours notice before welcoming our first little Ladybug into our hearts, we had ALOT of trial and error.  Will you help us?  I have put/still working on it a registration with  Will you look over it and give me your thoughts/opinions?  Things have changed so much since I last had an infant around.  What works/worked for you? What didn't work? What do I need?

We have so much from the last time when things didn't work out....Crib, carseat, swing, boppy, stroller, pack n play, some clothes, what else do I need?  Help please! :)

Keep the prayers coming! This ride is just beginning, and I'm thinking we may need to change the name of the blog.

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  1. Congrats, Angie!!!! How exciting! We have the "snugabunny" bouncer on your registry and we love it. Also, add some of these for the middle of the night diaper changes:!1036682%2Cn%3A2402554011%2Cn%3A1044512%2Cp_89%3AMagnificent+Baby%2Cn%3A2475796011&bbn=1044512&ie=UTF8&qid=1393451984&rnid=1044512
    Sorry that link is so long. The magnificent baby gowns are AWESOME for the middle of night especially when you don't want to mess with snaps. They are expensive, but super helpful.