Monday, February 17, 2014

Beautiful Day With a Beautiful Ladybug!

How did you spend President's Day?

Well, the Ladybug and I woke up just before the sun and headed out for a day on the slopes!!  I was fully expecting traffic, but I was wrong!!  It was smooth sailing up to the mountains and we got a spot in the gondola lot (it is all about the little things).

We got in a few runs, the Ladybug picked up a boy on the slopes, lunch was fun; it was a great day!!  Yes, you read that correctly, Safi is picking up boys on the mountain; man am I in trouble.  He was a cute kid skiing with his Dad.

The first time we encountered the duo the little boy stopped to help Safi after she had fallen (such a gentleman).  They skied their own way and so did we.  Later we saw them and the two kids hooked up an were trying to beat each other down the mountain, and leaving the old folks in the dust I might add.  I caught up with them and got them to stop.  We ended up riding up the lift with them and skiing about half way down together.  They zigged, we zagged and didn't see them again.  No worries, I am sure there are more hearts to be broken.

Safi raced the EpicMix for the first time! She did awesome and was fearless!!  According to her results she got a silver medal and they gave her a pin to put on her pass!!  I think she is catching the bug.

Another fabulous Mommy Daughter Day in the books.  I can't wait for our next one :)

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