Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Was That Mom

This morning got off to a rocky start. The expectation was set that if I got to 3 while counting that Safi and I would not go to our Wednesday afternoon play date.

Well, I got to 3. Safi was not happy about this but went to school with the knowledge that we would not be going to the play date. It was hard for both of us. 

I really wanted to go because I missed my friends and she wanted to go to be all to play with all of her friends. However, I had to stand strong or loose a whole slew of arguments with Safi from this point forward.

She came running out of school and the first thing she asked was "Can I go to Tyler's?"
"We will talk in the car."

I stood firm and the fits began, pleading, screaming, bargaining, where did she learn this from?! This went on for the whole 5 minute drive to the house. She got out of the car and threwup in the garage. Yes, Safi has this innate ability to throwup when she gets upset.

I stood strong and walked her to her room to sit and calm down. It took almost 30 minutes but she finally calmed down, and on her own apologized for her actions this afternoon and this morning. 

From there we played Sorry (Thanks Aunt Jeri!), and Dizios in her room along with our two sidekicks Doodle and Bell (they also provided aroma therapy that eventually forced us out of the room). Next we headed downstairs to the basement to play magnatiles, explore with the balance, and write some more sayings on hearts.  It was an afternoon that was filled with some much needed Mommy time and good memories. 

I'm glad I stood my ground and I know Safi will be too in the long run!!

Safi also worked on her "100 Day Collection."  The 100th day if school is on Friday and Safi has insisted that she is supposed to take a collection to school. On her own she decided that it would be a collection of 100 pieces of dog food. Yes I am puzzled as well.

After further investigation, an email to the teacher, nope they aren't supposed to bring anything. Guess she is just going to be an over achiever and I'm racking up the stories for later in life.

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