Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Ladybug Goes to Keystone

Today we went to Keystone to celebrate an awesome week and to have a little Mommy/Daughter time.

I have not been to Keystone in over 20 years. Let's just say a few things have changed.

We had a blast, Safi skied like a champ. We road the gondola to the top and skied all the way back down with no problems.  She fell down once, but that was because she stopped to pick up another man's glove.  That's integrity! And my little girl.

Safi was told to slow down by the people in the yellow coats aka ski patrol.  I had a talk about it with her and her response was "Momma I was in control, I was not being wreckless! I will tell him when we get back down to the bottom!!"
No little Lindsey, you will NOT!! That man can take away your pass and you will not ski anymore this season.

After a day of fun we did a little exploring and found the Big Man in the Red Suit, along with one of his Reindeer!!

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