Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day Morning 2013...More Ladybug Fun

Let the fun continue this morning!!!  The Ladybug was up at 7:37am, I told her to go hang out in her room til 8:00am, she did and came in "Momma I waited til AFTER 8:00, it is 8:03!"

So everyone got up, and I drug Doodle out of her kennel (If I have to be up so do you Doodle!!).  More fun to be had by everyone...

He brought me Peanut Butter for my Sisters!

I got my own Punkin Chunkin Catapult!

A rainbow for my room!!! I don't even need sun!

I'm gonna make CUPCAKES!

Ball Lipstick, no Bell this isn't for you!  EOS chapstick, we found out about 2 weeks ago that Isabel likes it as well :/

A Flashlight! Awesome!

Enough Disney Infinity to last a lifetime...and Bell still enjoying her chewie!

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