Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ankle Frank is Coming for Dinner!

Chris had a wonderful idea, let's bring Ankle Frank up for Christmas this year, Safi will LOVE IT!!

So we made the plans and kept the secret (and boy was that a hard one!)  I got everything ready and we delayed Christmas Dinner by a day so he could join us.  Safi and I set the table and I put an extra plate, she got a little curious so I told her that we were having a guest for dinner.

Loaded up the car and headed to the airport, well my little observer didn't miss a beat and wanted to know why we were going to the airport...to pick up our dinner guest of course!!

Oh I wish I would have had a video camera running!!!  That scream of pure joy and the smile that never came off of her face for the entire week.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day Morning 2013...More Ladybug Fun

Let the fun continue this morning!!!  The Ladybug was up at 7:37am, I told her to go hang out in her room til 8:00am, she did and came in "Momma I waited til AFTER 8:00, it is 8:03!"

So everyone got up, and I drug Doodle out of her kennel (If I have to be up so do you Doodle!!).  More fun to be had by everyone...

He brought me Peanut Butter for my Sisters!

I got my own Punkin Chunkin Catapult!

A rainbow for my room!!! I don't even need sun!

I'm gonna make CUPCAKES!

Ball Lipstick, no Bell this isn't for you!  EOS chapstick, we found out about 2 weeks ago that Isabel likes it as well :/

A Flashlight! Awesome!

Enough Disney Infinity to last a lifetime...and Bell still enjoying her chewie!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Ladybug Style

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, oh who are we kidding...the stockings are up, the tree is up, and the Ladybug is sooooo excited!!!

Here are a few pics hope you and your family are having a fabulous night!!

It was a fabulous night!! Thank you so much to everyone for everything!!