Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Texas Comes to Colorado

It is always a good weekend when you have fabulous friends come and visit, especially when they come bearing gifts of tortillas!!!!  They are neatly tucked away in the freezer to be rationed out.

Laura and Cali came for a long girls weekend and we sure had alot of fun!!  The Colorado Railroad Museum on Saturday, Parks on Sunday, the Denver Zoo on Monday, and plenty of Mommy time in there as well after the exhausted girls were tucked into bed.

I do have to admit that a tear or two might have been shed as Safi and I drove away from the airport on Tuesday afternoon.  But through the tears the two of us made plans for this summer and they include a road trip and lots of time with friends and family from home.

Thanks for the fabulous memories ladies, we can't wait to make more in a couple of months! Just make sure to keep those temperatures down to a reasonable number, we have kinda gotten used to this cooler stuff ;)

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