Saturday, November 30, 2013

All Decked Out

We are getting in the Christmas Spirit...and so is the house!  After an afternoon out of the house we came home and put of the lights on the house. Conveniently the previous owners left hooks in the eves of the house, hummm I think we could use those hooks to hang up some icicle lights.  After a few frustrating moments, some blinking lights, near misses, and a light bulb changer Chris was able to get the lights hung without stepping foot on a ladder.  Thank God for Tall Boys!!!

Pudgy the Penguin has made it through another year, and this year we added a pig to the mix.  I think our little yard looks pretty cute, and I can't wait to see the lights with all the snow later this week!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from The Ladybug and Family!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!  We had a wonderful relaxing day.  Safi and I chopped and prepared all day yesterday so we could sit around and relax today while the goodness was bubbling away in the oven.  Besides, everything always tastes better after it has had a little time to sit and come together :)

We were sad that the rest of the C family were not able to make it this year.  Maybe next year, but I know we will see them sooner, we miss our cousins!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Where Has The Time Gone?

    Four years ago today a new journey began.  Gran promised Chris and I that she would find the perfect little person to share our lives with.  Shortly there after she gained her wings and began her search.  Little did we know that she would keep that promise and deliver a "Little Gran" to our door step a quick six and a half months later.

    There is not a day that goes by that her name is not uttered or that a story is told about her.  For the longest time Safi had a hard time understanding that she couldn't go and visit Gran physically because we talked about her so much and so vividly.  Safi shares her middle name and has a picture in her room of Gran, in her racy bikini sitting on the fence posing.

    What I wouldn't do to have an hour with the two of them in the same room, but it also scares the hell out of me because they are so much alike.  I have never met a child that cries because she can't leave without her hair being done, one who comes and asks if her socks clash with her outfit, and so hard headed.

     We have laughed and told her that Gran is both the good angel that sits on her left shoulder and the little devil that sits on her right.  One telling her to be kind, sweet, and make good choices; the other telling her it's ok, you won't get in that much trouble if you get caught!

     I know that Gran is there watching over all of us, I can hear her saying, "Paybacks are hell!"But I love my little promise with all my heart, and I know that Gran had a part in it.

    November has been kinda a rough month, through the years we have said goodbye to some pretty wonderful people.  They are all special people that have touched the lives of so many.  All of them are remembered in the little day to day things that go on; that little bag of skittles, the ziti for dinner that was missing something, the rolls that burned.  They have forever touched our lives.

     I love you Gran, thank you for keeping your promise, she loves you too!

Friday, November 22, 2013

There are Cheetahs in the House!

This afternoon was the Turkey Trot at school.  The kids were lined up by gender and grade level, each group ran as fast as they could around some cones while the rest of the school and some parents cheered them on.

It was a great way to end the week before Thanksgiving, oh and not to mention a great way to cool off the kids, it was around 30 degrees outside while this was going on.  Sorry Safi, we aren't in Texas any more, you will go outside and have fun when the temperature is below 45 :)

After school we headed to Walmart to pick up a few random things, Safi the conartist managed to come away with some face paint crayons.  When we got home I went to the back to do something and when I came back cheetahs had taken over the house!!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Texas Comes to Colorado

It is always a good weekend when you have fabulous friends come and visit, especially when they come bearing gifts of tortillas!!!!  They are neatly tucked away in the freezer to be rationed out.

Laura and Cali came for a long girls weekend and we sure had alot of fun!!  The Colorado Railroad Museum on Saturday, Parks on Sunday, the Denver Zoo on Monday, and plenty of Mommy time in there as well after the exhausted girls were tucked into bed.

I do have to admit that a tear or two might have been shed as Safi and I drove away from the airport on Tuesday afternoon.  But through the tears the two of us made plans for this summer and they include a road trip and lots of time with friends and family from home.

Thanks for the fabulous memories ladies, we can't wait to make more in a couple of months! Just make sure to keep those temperatures down to a reasonable number, we have kinda gotten used to this cooler stuff ;)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Weekend in Estes Park

So Friday night we packed up the car and headed up to Estes Park.  Hwy 36 opened at noon time on Monday for the first time since the October floods which will cut the travel time in half AND give us another way up there.

We didn't get on the road til after dark so we really didn't appreciate the devastation on the way up, but you could just kinda feel it lurking just beyond the darkness. Still many construction barricades and totaled cars littered the side of the road.  It kinda reminded me of how it felt after a big flood growing up, but bigger.

There were tons of vacancy signs on the hotels and inns up and down the river.  The tourists have not made it back up to the area and the color of the leaves is fading, snow is settling in over the area.  This is such a beautiful area, one can only hope and pray that in time it will recover from this devastation.

We stayed at Castle Mountain Lodge.  Chris and I had stayed there one night last year when we came up to look for a house.  It is a beautiful place right on the edge of the Fall River.  The cabins are just enough and some of them have hot tubs!

The weather could not have been more perfect this weekend.  We spent most of our time at Rocky Mountain National Park exploring parts that we have not been to before.  The Alluvial Fan is an area that we have visited many times in the past.  It was heavily damaged by the flood, so much so that it was really unrecognizable.  Even after witnessing the power of water as a child I was in awe of the strength and force that moved boulders as big as houses miles down the river bed.

We saw elk and mule deer, sat by a creek and splashed water with a stick.  Safi took her shoes and socks off to discover how cold the water was.  We had a fabulous time!