Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We Made it a Year...But I Could Use a Few Things

It is official, we have lived and worked in Colorado for One Whole Year, and we have survived.

Safi has made some new friends, learned to ski, is improving on her bike riding skills, started Kindergarten, ridden a train, picked more veggies, and gone on countless adventures.  She has a summer and a winter wardrobe and each are made up of distinctively different clothes, unlike Texas where you could pretty much wear some clothes year round.

Our coat collection has tripled in size (you were correct Laura!) The coat closet is used for coats and not simply to stash things out of sight.

My legs are painfully white and will not see the light of day from now until June.

Safi has learned the circle of life thanks to Isabel "The Rabbit Killer."  We no longer have to worry about the rabbits eating my plants or killing the grass.  Isabel's sidekick "Doodle the Tattle Tail" is quick to inform us as to when there is a fresh kill.

We have all grown just a bit and enjoyed the adventures along the way here in Colorado, but Texas will always be in our hearts.  Safi tells us regularly how she is going to move to Texas "later."

Now with that all being said, we miss that place and somethings just aren't the same here!!  Uh food is the major thing!!! We miss the restaurants, the service, the ease, Chuy's, Rudy's, seafood, Torchy's Tacos, Noble Pig....I could go on and on.

It is ok though, I have a lemon pepper chicken cooking away in the crock pot. But how good would that chicken taste wrapped up in a tortilla with some lettuce and a little creamy jalapeño...yum!!

Here's what I need people...

  • Flour Tortillas (the HEB brand flour tortillas and some corn ones would be nice too)
  • La Madeline Tomato Basil soup (this is just for me I refuse to share)
  • Whataburger Spicy Ketchup (it goes on everything!)
  • Creamy Jalapeño from Chuy's (if you can figure out how to get that here, I will love you forever!!)

Just a few things and I ration it out...the tortillas that we got at Christmas just ran out!!!

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