Sunday, October 6, 2013

It's Fall Ya'll!

The weather has been beautiful, despite a little bit of snow and a few nights in the twenties and teens all is good!  

Yes we had our first bit of snow on Friday, just a dusting and most was all gone by noon.  Safi was disappointed that there wasn't enough snow for a "snow drink" (snow in a cup with juice).

Yesterday we hung around the house and caught up on a few chores and Chris and Safi got their craft on.  Today we hit the road...

We jumped in the car and headed down 70 to find some fall colors.  We went to Central City, um not at all what we expected.  Cute little old town that was NOTHING but casinos!!! So after a quick walk around the block we got back in the car and headed on our way.

Lunch in Idaho Springs, quick stroll through town and then we headed to Georgetown.  We stopped at Georgtown lake and had fun throwing rocks into the water and doing a little exploring...

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