Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween with Princess Batman

Happy Birthday Pops!!  

Halloween was a busy day, parties at school, art club, and Trick or Treating with the neighborhood friends! Safi managed to cram it all in and hung on til the bitter end.

Months ago we were looking through pictures and came across a picture of Princess Batman, "I wanna be that for Halloween Momma!"  Sounds good to me Ladybug, so I started collected the pieces and we came up with a pretty good costume....

After we were all prepped and ready it was time to head over for dinner and fun with the friends.  This was the Ladybugs first time Trick or Treating with friends but she was an old hat.  After pizza and more pictures we bundled up and hit the streets.  Nothing says Halloween in CO like some dropping temps!!

Yes, that is my glassy eyed Princess after a long day of fun.  She fell asleep about 10 minutes after this picture was taken.  Sweet Dreams Princess Batman, Momma and Daddy love you!!

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