Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Saturday Afternoon in Outer Space

So I'm not really sure how you spend your Saturday afternoon but at our house it is always an adventure.

This morning started out with a few antics that ended up putting a cramp in our plans for the day.  Let's just say that the Ladybug and the Gyant were clowning around and the tall one ended up throwing out his back.

Fast forward through a wonderful nap (thank you so much for that, I needed that!) we ended up downstairs.  I started working on a project (painting some frames) and the two trouble makers started building.  After a few trips upstairs to get much needed supplies, cardboard, painter's tape, and wooden dowels; the masterpiece was complete!!

The Ladybug and the Gyant created a space ship!!  They also discussed real space ships and whether or not they had guns on them to shoot the bad guys.  I told her that they next time we went down to Texas to see Hailey, JJ, Sophie, and Layla (we must not forget her!) that we would go see a real space craft at Space Center.  "Awesome! Later?"

So once the masterpiece was complete the Gyant decided that they needed to REALLY go to outer space, and you never know what that might mean with these two.  We took a few pieces off the spaceship and moved it in to the media room.   Chris reassembled it and turned on the screen and they flew by the planets, through the asteroid belt, and deep into outer space.

Next they were off to fight the bad guys in Star Wars and they ended their journey flying through the air with dinosaurs, although I am not really sure how we got from outer space to dinosaurs but I'm not knocking it.

Daddy Daughter bonding time is always an adventure with these two :)

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