Saturday, September 21, 2013

Georgetown Loop Railroad

Today was a beautiful day!!  I'm so glad that we did this, we drove up and took the Georgetown Loop Train and we did the Silver Mine Tour as well!! Note to self, when planning trips take the height of others into consideration.  Chris spent pretty much the entire time in the mine bent over.  I guess when you are 5'3" you don't worry too much if the height is just a little under six foot.  When you are 6'7" that is a different story.

This was something that Safi and I watched this Spring while we were coming down the mountain after a day of skiing.  They brought the train out and got it all cleaned up and ready for the season.  They do speciality trains in the winter like Santa Trains and the such but I thought that it would be an awesome way to see the trees in the fall.

While it was still a little early in the year to see all of the color it was beautiful and perfect timing! Snow is forcasted later in the week.  We will soooo do this again :)

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