Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

So first and foremost we must wish Ankle Frank a Happy Birthday!!!

It isn't everyday that you get to start your school career on Ankle Frank's Birthday!!!  And let me say, she told EVERYONE she saw that it was Ankle Frank's Birthday :)

Safi woke up excited and ready to meet new friends and see her teacher Ms. Hodges again. After breakfast and a few pictures we piled into the car and headed up the road to school.

Everyone gathers on the playground in the morning to burn off a little extra energy and get the blood flowing for the day.  When the bell rings the students are to grab their backpacks and line up at the appropriate cone, then walk in a line with their teacher to the classroom.

There were no hugs, there were no tears (well from Safi at least).  Only big smiles and waves as she walked right on by Chris and I.

I on the other hand had tears in my eyes while hiding behind my sunglasses (thank goodness for a sunny morning!).  Chris and I were left standing there with "Now what?" looks on our faces.  Our little girl is growing up and there are not enough bricks to put on her head and keep her little.

At the end of the day I walked to pick her up, still smiles, but she looked excited to see me :)

We walked home and got in the car to go get some ice cream to celebrate that first day of school.  I think she was a little worn out though!! Safi needed a little recharge nap before ice cream.

Safi says school is "AWESOME"

 But you have to end an eventful day in a fun way...So we did a little face painting!!!

I think she might even go back tomorrow!!

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