Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Waltz Across Texas part 4

Fort Bend County...MiMi and Poppy's house here we come!

First day we headed down to Moody Gardens and had a blast!!!

Then we hung out at the house for a sloooow day. The ladybug has a nasty runny nose, need to slow things down a bit.

So I was sitting outside with MiMi and Safi decided she wanted to go swimming.  I told her to go inside and get her swimsuit on.  She did, Safi went inside and dug through the suitcase and put her swimsuit on.  She was so proud of herself!!!  I asked her if it felt funny, "Yes, a little bit."

Ankle Frank and The Ladybug watching videos on his phone, I'm not sure who loves whom more!

Working for her dinner, peeling eggs for deviled eggs!!

A Ladybug for a Ladybug, look what landed on Safi...

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