Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vail or Bust

Safi has been practicing hard to perfect her skiing so she could so off for PoPs. The day before we left for Vail, she got sick :/ So we rested, drank lots of liquids and rested some more; nothing was going to stop her from showing off her skillz!!

The first day she spent the day in Vail Ski School. I had the opportunity to speak with her teacher before hand and gave him the low down on her ability to be an awesome con artist and get away with murder. He didn't let her slide.

Pops and I had the opportunity to do a little skiing, which I have to admit it was nice to ski without a wonderful 4 year old. We took it a little slow since we knew that we would have a few more days!!

While going up the first lift we had the opportunity to do a little spying on the SkiBug and saw that the teacher (Mr. Kevin) wasn't cutting her any slack (awesome, THANK YOU!!). When we picked her up from ski school the first real thing she told us was that they had ravioli, mini meatballs, and green beans; and I was the only one that ate green beans Momma. Not surprising one bit Safi!!

The second day turned out to be pretty much a bust. Safi was sick and she was tired, that full day of ski school really wore her out. So we made one run down the bunny hill screaming and called it a day. Safi went up and slept for 3 hours, um yeah she was tired.

That's okay Daddy was on his way (it was Saturday), so he got to hang out with sleeping beauty while Pops and I sneaked in a few runs.

Sunday was a busy fun filled day. Safi, Pops and I headed out for a day of skiing and Safi was ready this time!!! It was a gorgeous day and we were going to take full advantage of it. I am really not sure who had more fun Pops or Safi, they both had smiles plastered on their faces all day long.

Safi skied half way down the mountain twice and all the way down and over once, she was exhausted by the end of the day and so were we!!

We packed up and headed home after a long day of skiing (a day early), but really glad that we did, I think that we would have run into a few problems if we had stayed Sunday night (there was a big storm that came through that dumped a foot plus in the mountains).

The planning for the next 3 generation ski trip is already in the works!!


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