Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Little Ski Bug

Yesterday Safi and I loaded up and headed back to Granby Ranch. The mountains have gotten quite a bit of snow this week so the conditions were better than last week!!

So proud of my little Ski Bug...she skied down the big mountain all by herself!!! She thinks she might want to be in the Winter AND Summer Olympics. So we are looking for sponsors now...any takers?

The edited version of yesterday's action...

Fell the first time we got on the milestone lift and ripped her jacket. Skied down got the polka dot jacket and a new lift ticket (and a snack of course, must fill the pit). Went up again and skied down to the 4 chair lift. Went up (ate cinnamon apples on the lift) skied some and then we got into a fight because someone was being a but. Finishing up some lunch and then we are heading back out.

Lots of snow, still snowing but not too windy.

After lunch she skied down from the 4 chair ALL BY HERSELF!!!

I think we skied from the top 8-10 times we were both exhausted. We had an awesome time an cant wait to share the fun with PoPs next week :))

Watch out Vail, here comes the Ski Bug!!!

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