Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More Visitors...Aunt Mad and Aunt Ruthie

I'm pretty sure that we have had more house guests since moving to Colorado than we did the whole time we lived in Texas.  We are LOVING it though!!

Aunt Mad and Aunt Ruthie came for a quick visit, it wasn't long enough but we made the most of it!!

We went down to Garden of the Gods and did a bit of walking and exploring.  Can't wait for Uncle Harrison to come so we can take him!!

Then we had to go find some snow for Aunt Mad.
We tried to take the Cog Train up Pike's Peak, it was only running on the weekends.
We tried to drive up the Pike's Peak Highway, it was closed.
So we headed west down hwy 24 and eventually found Mueller State Park out past Woodland Park (a small town).  We got out and had a little fun...

Aunt Ruthie made the Ladybug made (and cry) after hitting her in the face with a snowball.  What person hits a 4 year old in the face with a snowball??  jk, I have done it before too, guess we could both use some work on our aim :)

Aunt Mad got cold, but couldn't get her own boots off!!  And here comes the pissed off 4 yr old!!  It was a great afternoon, so sad you all couldn't have joined us.

Really we did have a blast, then we headed back to find Chris and some dinner!!

Come back and visit soon, we have soooo many more places to explore!

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