Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just a Bunch of Random

So we have been busy; playgroups, gymnastics, ski lessons, laundry, school, cleaning the house, you know life. And let's throw in gathering tons of paperwork and trying to get it submitted to the right agency at the correct time. I have been busy, and thus have not updated this like I would have liked.

Oh well here goes...

Safi and I went to the zoo at least 3-4 times this month so far (gotta enjoy the beautiful weather!). We have really been hitting the school work. Safi requested to learn more about giraffes, so we did and she can tell you some random facts and so we had to go visit the giraffes OFTEN at the zoo. Our house is not big enough to take a real one home, much to her dismay.

Safi is learning to snow ski, so that takes about a day for a two hour lesson (packing, an hour up the mountain and an hour back down). However, she is having an absolute blast and I am thrilled that she has this opportunity!! Next week we go skiing with Pops!!

School has been going well, we continue to focus on this that she wants to learn about and make play as much apart of everything as possible. She can count and identify her numbers 1-100 and has pretty much mastered basic addition. Safi is really into "mailing letters" and writing letters, though she can't be bothered to write the actual words (she can though). She is usually helpful at the grocery store crossing off things on our list and writing things on the list if I get something that wasn't originally on it. She is learning, but having fun doing it, that is all that matters to me right now.

Life has been interesting and we are all adjusting well. The weather seems to swing just like it does in Texas, but we are having fun with it. One day it is 60 degrees out and the next afternoon it is snowing 4 inches.

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  1. I love the pictures of her in the cart in the costume - too cute! Such a great mama :)

    I cannot believe how long her hair has gotten! And that you guys have already been gone for so many months. Ava says hi :) We'd love to write y'all letters if you're interested. You can message me your address if so on FB and we'll send you a letter!