Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Day of Skiing

So today Safi and I went up to Eldora and Safi took her first ski lesson!!  She was so excited last night it took her FOREVER to go to sleep.  This morning she was more than eager to follow directions and get the fun started.

We got there a little early, wanted to make sure that she wasn't rushed and that we got her skis.  So after picking up the skis she clowned around a bit and got a little used to them being on her feet.  I was also able to snap a few pics...

Yes, we even got a a pair of pink gobbles.  She was so excited and told everyone we saw that today was her first day to ski and that pink is her favorite color (that is a hard thing to guess).

She may tell you that she doesn't like the cold, but with the amount of time that this child has spent on the ground today, she is a liar!!  That kid LOVES the cold, and the snow.  "Safi, get your face out of the snow and stand up!"

After a snack and some water it was time to meet the teacher.  His name was Alex, I'm pretty sure that he drew the short straw, he was not excited at all to be working with Tommy and Safi.  Oh well, you are getting paid dude, suck it up!!

They walked around in the snow to get used to their boots.  Safi stood there and looked at him like he was a moron.  Then when he gave the go ahead to get their skis she took off running.

They put on one ski and pretended like they were riding a scooter.  "This is not a scooter, this is a ski! I want to ski!"  She was not having this nonsense.

Next it was time to put on the second ski and practicing getting up....

Safi would end up like this after falling and couldn't figure out how to fix things.  Alex would walk over and flip her skis then pick her up.  Toward the end of the lesson she finally started to figure things out on her own but Alex and the guy running the "magic carpet" just kept picking her up so she never really got much practice getting up on her own.  Oh well, next time.

She totally has the ski as fast as you can out of control down the hill nailed!!  We will keep working on the whole pizza thing.  She finally figured out at the end of the lesson how to do it, she wasn't putting heels out.
If anyone has any ideas on how to keep those mittens out of her mouth I am soooo open to ideas!!!  She would fall, scoop up a handful of snow and munch.  When the snow was gone, she would continue to suck on that damn mitten.

Safi had a blast, but she was exhausted!!  She is already asleep, and anyone who knows her knows that is an accomplishment.  Maybe we will try again next week :)

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