Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just a Bunch of Random

So we have been busy; playgroups, gymnastics, ski lessons, laundry, school, cleaning the house, you know life. And let's throw in gathering tons of paperwork and trying to get it submitted to the right agency at the correct time. I have been busy, and thus have not updated this like I would have liked.

Oh well here goes...

Safi and I went to the zoo at least 3-4 times this month so far (gotta enjoy the beautiful weather!). We have really been hitting the school work. Safi requested to learn more about giraffes, so we did and she can tell you some random facts and so we had to go visit the giraffes OFTEN at the zoo. Our house is not big enough to take a real one home, much to her dismay.

Safi is learning to snow ski, so that takes about a day for a two hour lesson (packing, an hour up the mountain and an hour back down). However, she is having an absolute blast and I am thrilled that she has this opportunity!! Next week we go skiing with Pops!!

School has been going well, we continue to focus on this that she wants to learn about and make play as much apart of everything as possible. She can count and identify her numbers 1-100 and has pretty much mastered basic addition. Safi is really into "mailing letters" and writing letters, though she can't be bothered to write the actual words (she can though). She is usually helpful at the grocery store crossing off things on our list and writing things on the list if I get something that wasn't originally on it. She is learning, but having fun doing it, that is all that matters to me right now.

Life has been interesting and we are all adjusting well. The weather seems to swing just like it does in Texas, but we are having fun with it. One day it is 60 degrees out and the next afternoon it is snowing 4 inches.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow Day!

Well the snow FINALLY came down yesterday afternoon. It was coming down really good yesterday afternoon. Kinda crazy how we went from being outside in the warm to it snowing in about 30 min time!

Isabel had a blast running around in it last night and Doodle has been waiting by the window waiting for the squirrel, um she might be a bit disappointed today.

I went out to shovel off the driveway this morning and Safi got her ski clothes on over her pajamas and came out to play in the snow. She had fun, tried to build a "snow castle" with her sand bucket, that didn't work so well. However she had fun digging in all of the snow looking for a bone, she was a dog this morning.

More pictures later!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Day of Skiing

So today Safi and I went up to Eldora and Safi took her first ski lesson!!  She was so excited last night it took her FOREVER to go to sleep.  This morning she was more than eager to follow directions and get the fun started.

We got there a little early, wanted to make sure that she wasn't rushed and that we got her skis.  So after picking up the skis she clowned around a bit and got a little used to them being on her feet.  I was also able to snap a few pics...

Yes, we even got a a pair of pink gobbles.  She was so excited and told everyone we saw that today was her first day to ski and that pink is her favorite color (that is a hard thing to guess).

She may tell you that she doesn't like the cold, but with the amount of time that this child has spent on the ground today, she is a liar!!  That kid LOVES the cold, and the snow.  "Safi, get your face out of the snow and stand up!"

After a snack and some water it was time to meet the teacher.  His name was Alex, I'm pretty sure that he drew the short straw, he was not excited at all to be working with Tommy and Safi.  Oh well, you are getting paid dude, suck it up!!

They walked around in the snow to get used to their boots.  Safi stood there and looked at him like he was a moron.  Then when he gave the go ahead to get their skis she took off running.

They put on one ski and pretended like they were riding a scooter.  "This is not a scooter, this is a ski! I want to ski!"  She was not having this nonsense.

Next it was time to put on the second ski and practicing getting up....

Safi would end up like this after falling and couldn't figure out how to fix things.  Alex would walk over and flip her skis then pick her up.  Toward the end of the lesson she finally started to figure things out on her own but Alex and the guy running the "magic carpet" just kept picking her up so she never really got much practice getting up on her own.  Oh well, next time.

She totally has the ski as fast as you can out of control down the hill nailed!!  We will keep working on the whole pizza thing.  She finally figured out at the end of the lesson how to do it, she wasn't putting heels out.
If anyone has any ideas on how to keep those mittens out of her mouth I am soooo open to ideas!!!  She would fall, scoop up a handful of snow and munch.  When the snow was gone, she would continue to suck on that damn mitten.

Safi had a blast, but she was exhausted!!  She is already asleep, and anyone who knows her knows that is an accomplishment.  Maybe we will try again next week :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More Visitors...Aunt Mad and Aunt Ruthie

I'm pretty sure that we have had more house guests since moving to Colorado than we did the whole time we lived in Texas.  We are LOVING it though!!

Aunt Mad and Aunt Ruthie came for a quick visit, it wasn't long enough but we made the most of it!!

We went down to Garden of the Gods and did a bit of walking and exploring.  Can't wait for Uncle Harrison to come so we can take him!!

Then we had to go find some snow for Aunt Mad.
We tried to take the Cog Train up Pike's Peak, it was only running on the weekends.
We tried to drive up the Pike's Peak Highway, it was closed.
So we headed west down hwy 24 and eventually found Mueller State Park out past Woodland Park (a small town).  We got out and had a little fun...

Aunt Ruthie made the Ladybug made (and cry) after hitting her in the face with a snowball.  What person hits a 4 year old in the face with a snowball??  jk, I have done it before too, guess we could both use some work on our aim :)

Aunt Mad got cold, but couldn't get her own boots off!!  And here comes the pissed off 4 yr old!!  It was a great afternoon, so sad you all couldn't have joined us.

Really we did have a blast, then we headed back to find Chris and some dinner!!

Come back and visit soon, we have soooo many more places to explore!