Monday, November 5, 2012

Great Friends, Fun Times, Fabulous Memories

This weekend Laura and Cali traveled from Austin to visit us!!!  We are so grateful to have such wonderful friends, we truly miss them and can't wait to see them again :)

Thursday went by sooooo slow, Safi and I couldn't wait for our friends to arrive.  We were both giddy with excitement waiting in the cell lot at the airport for "the call."  We picked them up and headed back to the house.  After a long day at school and traveling I think all the girls were bit tired but they persisted and went to bed a little on the late side.

Friday morning we hung out at the house and played in the basement...

Then we went to a new place called Monkey Buziness, the girls had a blast and Laura and I were able to catch up some.  The girls played hard which made for an interesting ride home.

We went to Pike's Peak and rode the Cog Railway, there wasn't much snow up top but it was a clear beautiful day and you could see forever!!!  But it was also 17 degrees at the top, just a little chilly!!!

Laura and I made the call to go to Garden of the Gods afterward (since it is just own the road).  SOOOOO beautiful, words and pictures just don't do it justice.  Don't worry Harrison, we will be more than happy to go with you, IF YOU EVER COME TO VISIT!

Sunday we hung out at the house and went to the park, it was a day of rest. Laura and I went out for drinks in the evening and really got to catch up.  I miss my friend, I found a good one and I plan on hanging on to her :)

Today was a sad day, we delivered our friends to the airport and had to say goodbye, or see ya later.  No worries though, we WILL see you later friends :)

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