Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Day of Pretend

So today I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more. For the record my house isn't that dirty, it just takes a little more time when you have a helper and I made a few more boxes disappear, oh and I organized closets as well.

Last night we had movie night, I know it wasn't Friday but Chris wasn't going to be home tonight and he didn't want to miss out. We watched BRAVE and ate homemade pizza.

So today Safi dug out her BRAVE figures and a few others. She used her magna tiles and made a whole city on the landing of the stairs (it also worked as a great booby trap for Momma). She played for hours and they had all kinds of conversations, it was wonderful.

Then she made her way upstairs to her room (which I had just finished cleaning up) and dug out baby dolls and bunny rabbits that she pushed around in their stroller and took them to the hotel (my room) and the pool (the guest room).

It was a great day of imagination and creativity.

Oh she also worked on her letters on the back door with window crayons, and I had to include a pic of the monkeys. I put some oil on them and brought them back to life. They were so dry and sad looking, now they look totally different, I think they are smiling a little bit bigger now :))

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