Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scary Spiders and Spooky Sweethearts

Safi chose her Halloween costume earlier this year, thank goodness, and stuck with it.  I order it and it came in while we were still in Austin (Chris thought I was nuts).  When we got to Colorado I finally took it out of the box and it just needed something more.  The legs of the spiders just hung there....BORING.

So I found a pair of knit gloves and attached all of the legs to the gloves and we ended up with the Cutest Scary Spider on the block.  Oh wait she says her name is Rosie the Tarantula!

Just down the road is the Butterfly Pavilion and they have a tarantula named Rosie that you can touch, Safi has touched Rosie.

Safi got some good use out of the costume this season and knowing our little costume queen we will see the spider again.

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday Pops!!!

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