Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Ladybug Parties

We had a birthday party this weekend. It was a Mickey and Minnie theme and fun was had by all!! First we had to over come a few obstacles...

The air conditioning stopped work on Thursday, have no fear Momma called the repairman and begged. He had it working by 1:30 on Saturday.

Then there was the heat, and no breeze. We always have a breeze in the backyard, not for the party! After lots of water and lemonade, all we're happy and the kids had a blast!

This year Safi had a party for the animals. Instead of the guests bringing a gift for her they brought something off the wishlist of the Austin Zoo. Safi is very excited to take the gifts to the animals.

Here are a few pictures with more to come!

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  1. Such cute decor, Angie! Looks like a fun time :)