Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Playdough For The Win

So today we started off by me waking up Sleeping Beauty so we could go to "Big Gym" and she could go to the "Fun Center." These are all names that Safi has given to the gym an child care center. I'm just glad she likes going.

When we came home Safi starting playing with her playdough at the table in the kitchen. Great, I can take care of a few phone calls and work on laundry!

So from about 10:00-2:30 Safi played with playdough and I actually got things done. She was playing so well by herself that I hated to put an end to it!

Then about 3:30 Cali, Fletcher, and Laura came over to play. I'm not sure if they heard Safi scream with excitement when Miss Laura rang the bell, but I think I am partially deaf in that ear now.

Lots of fun playing dress-up and playdough was had by all.

1 comment:

  1. This may have motivated me to break out the playdough. I'm usually not brave enough - that stuff makes a HUGE mess that I then spend cleaning out of my carpets for God knows how long - but time to be productive? That's worth it!