Monday, June 25, 2012

Octopus for Dinner!!

Safi helped me make mini octopi for dinner!!!

After dinner it was time for a summer bath!!!

Mouse Paint!

So I copied and laminated a couple of pages of one of Safi's favorite books, Mouse Paint.
Then I gave her some paint and let her make some puddles...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Girls Day At The Lake

We headed off to Lake Travis yesterday. Safi and I took the dogs, Isabel had a great time and so did Safi swimming with Isabel.

Doodle on the other hand, she just wanted to go back to the AC!!

A Little Time Outside

We went shopping this morning for clothes for Daddy, not sure who had more fun Daddy or Safi!!

Then we saw Brave at Alamo!!! Cute movie!!!

Now for some time in the backyard. Tried to get a swimsuit on her, "No Momma, I wear just undies like Cannon and Dylan!"

Friday, June 8, 2012

Last Day of School

Safi has loved going to school!!!  Now if I can just get her to hold on to that love of school for a few more years :))

We had a great year at Challenger and Safi loves her teachers and everyone there!!  Thanks for all of the fun!!!

We love you Miss Allison!

And we can't forget Miss Cassie!

So sweet!!  Batman and his Princess :)

Must have ice cream (or frozen yogurt) to celebrate the last day of school!!

Love my new squishy nose from my friend!!

I am Puss n Boots

How Time Flies...

Two years ago today Chris and I began woke up in a frenzy.  We went on a crazy shopping spree and then rushed home to try to put it all together in time.  Frank woke up and went to class only to hurry back home to have orders barked at him.  I am so grateful that he was here.

Chris and I went to pick up our sweet baby girl.  I will never forget picking her up and Safi putting her arms around me and I could just feel her sigh and relax, she knew she was safe.  Playing with her on the floor, then heading out the door and Chris chasing after her down the sidewalk.  Safi fell down and Chris just knew they weren't going to let us keep her.

Putting her in the car seat and then driving off looking at each other, oh my gosh we have a kid!!  Getting to the stop sign and saying, "Now what?"

We went to McDonald's, we had no idea what she liked to eat.  Safi had french fries that she used to put B-B-Que sauce in her mouth.  (gross!!)  Then it was off to Target, now I could buy some clothes since I knew how big she was.

To the doctor's office to have everything checked out and then finally home.  Safi was exhausted by the time we finally got home.  And I'm pretty sure Frank was about to crawl out of his skin waiting for us.

Everyday it gets harder and harder to remember a time when Safia Jane was not a part of our lives.  This journey seems much longer than two years, and I don't mean that in a bad way.  Safi has brought so much life and joy to our lives I can't imagine being without her.

Now to work on last year's birthday, Christmas, and this year's birthday wish...a baby brother.  Safia Jane, we are trying and we hear you girlfriend, Mommy and Daddy are doing everything they can.

We love you Ladybug!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Weekend with Pops and SueSue

This weekend Safi and I went to see Pops and SueSue at their house.  Safi the fish showed up...

Pops had some business to take care of so Safi and I hung out at the cabin for a while and played on the swing set

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ladybug in the Spotlight

At school they want to make sure that even summer birthdays are celebrated.  They don't really have a "birthday party" or bring in a special snack, they have "Spotlight Time."  I think it is really awesome because the attention is on the child and not the treat.

This page went home and Safi and I filled it out together (she told me what to write)

Then she drew on the construction paper, she drew Cheetahs complete with spots, because of course that was her favorite animal. Next we had to glue down the pictures and she put them right over the Cheetahs :/

Chris and I were invited to come in a join in the celebration.  We had so much fun and as we were leaving Chris said, "I loved dancing with a bunch of 3 & 4 year olds, I could do that all day!"