Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Easter Bunny Brings a New Friend

I have been doing some cleaning out around the house.  One of the things to go was the fish tank, after 13 years of having a fish tank I was done.  Tim (the zombie fish) is no longer with us so it was time to move on and reclaim the window sill.  The tank and remaining fish went to a good home at the Terra Luz Co-op School (Damon's school), and the kids are enjoying have the friends in the classroom.

So the Easter Bunny brought something to take the fish tank's place on the window sill.....a robo-dwarf hamster!  Safi named her Speedy.  Doodle is not happy about this one bit!!  When we put Speedy in her ball to run around the house Doodle tries to bite the ball (and she almost can), she get frustrated and then spins the ball with her nose.  Poor Speedy just sits on the bottom of the ball spread eagle waiting for it to stop.  Speedy has a life expectancy of 1-2 years, we will see how long she lasts.

We boiled eggs and dyed them, sparkly of course!  Safi did a great job!

Sunday morning we were off to the backyard to hunt Easter Eggs before Isabel and Doodle got them all!!!  We let them out while Safi was looking at Speedy, I looked out the window and the two of them were piling up eggs and popping them open to get the candy out!!!!

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