Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Lake and The Ladybug

Last night I asked Safi what she wanted to do today...."Take me and the girls to the lake." So we did, I packed up the pack with water, towels, an some snacks and we headed out.

The dogs were in the back of the car and were having fits they were so excited.

So from 11:30-1:00 we all played in the water, threw rocks, looked for shells, and explored.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Going Downtown

Heading downtown on the train to have dinner with daddy! Loving the fact that the train runs later on Fridays now!!

Oh, so I told Safi to go pack some stuff in her bag, I came out of the bathroom and she said "I got candy too!"

Safi has grown taller than I thought, guess it is time to reorganize the pantry :/

Playdates and Friends

The Ladybug loves to see her friends, it has been difficult at times with her being in school MWF all day, most of her other friends are in school on TTH.  We have made do and with the weather warming up we are definitely taking advantage of the backyard!!

There have been nice breezes and the trees are big enough now that they are producing some nice shade for the mommas.  With the sand box, pool setup with the slide, chalk, rice, and painting there are plenty of things for the kids to do!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We Play With Rice

One of the most favorite activities of some of the kids in our playgroup is to pour, dump, scoop, and sift through rice.  I filled up Safi's water table with some colored rice this winter when we had it set up in the garage and since the weather has warmed up I moved it out to the backyard (so much easier to clean up now!).

I got a bigger table and it called for some new rice, after about six months the rice that was left wasn't as colorful any more.  So I got a 50 lb. bag from Costco (about $15) and began the process of dying the rice which didn't take long at all.  I didn't measure anything I was just dumping but I used less than a bottle of alcohol for the entire bag of rice, but I am sure that I used more food coloring so the colors came out really vibrant.  This can also be done with pasta and works just as easily and is great fun also.

Colored Rice/Pasta

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Writing On The Fence

While I am grateful for the fabulous breeze that we have in the backyard, especially in the summer, it makes it difficult to use the easel. So while in the shower (my 5 minutes of semi-alone time) I came up with this fabulous idea....plexiglass.  I have seen the easels that use them but was unwilling to spend that kind of money and I would still be in the same predicament.

So Safi and I made a trip to Home Depot and purchased a piece of plexiglass for about $25.  I figured that she could paint directly on it or we could tape paper to it.  I screwed it directly to the fence and it has been a hit!!

We also found that it works great with the Crayola Window Markers.  Great for practicing those letters!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday FunDay with Daddy!

We started out the day at the Nature Center down in Zilker Park, it was a beautiful day but warmed up fast!!

So we headed home for some backyard fun with Daddy!!

Just sitting in the grass, Peeing!!!

 Strawberry break!!

Isabel got warm, so she needed to cool off also!!

 Come on Isabel, let's get back in the water :)

For the record Doodle got in the pool also, well I put her in, but she was happy in the water!!!