Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fun with Aunt Mad and Uncle D

Madelyn and Denys came for a visit today, well Madelyn was planning on coming and Denys was a welcome bonus :)

Safi couldn't have been more excited. Plans ended up changing because the weather was a little colder than expected. It was a beautiful day but the wind made things a little chilly, so no zoo :(

Instead we all piled into the car and headed out to feed he starving college students and the Ladybug. Chuy's, Safi wanted a creamy and guac fix!!!

From there we went to go "throw balls"aka bowling. It is pretty safe to say Safi did better than all of us, little cheater :))

Safi had so much fun and it was awesome to see "My Kids" helping my little girl. The smiles on all their faces was so wonderful to see.

After coming home Safi took over as boss and she had Denys in her hand.

Madelyn had he own fun with Isabel :))

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