Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wish Come True....With a Side of Exhaustion

Today Mila came home with us from school.......

I had packed Safi and Mila each their own snack of oranges and strawberries and a cow milk (the horizons boxed milk, Safi calls it cow milk because it has a cow on the box).  The girls inhaled the fruit in the car within minutes of getting it open!

I know they eat at school, we send lunches everyday and they are given 2 snacks!!! All that learning really works up an appetite :)

So for our surprise today we went to Hoppin House, a new bouncy house in the area that opened recently.  They girls were quite excited!!!  Mila said it was her wish come true :)

After and hour and a half of jumping and playing in the foam pit, and a full day at school, the girls were exhausted so we headed to the house for some dinner.

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