Friday, January 27, 2012

Small World Day at School

Today was Small World day at school.  They have been learning some of the different traditions and cultures around the world.  Today the kids were supposed to dress in a "traditional dress" of a country of their ancestor's origin.

After some suggestions from the peanut gallery of dress her as a pilgrim and send her in regular clothes she's American.  I decided that German would be the safest choice (that and the easiest since I had 2 hours to put something together).

Oh, my child is the one that doesn't bring home notes.  JOY!  So I had literally two hours to run around and try to find something that would resemble my inspiration picture.........

Cute right?  I can throw together something that will resemble this right?  My child will be adorable and it won't cost me the $75.00 that this little girl's dress costs!!!  Oh and Safi will LOVE IT!

So the race was on, and I think I succeeded on most fronts.

All was great until it was time to get dressed this morning, let's just say it involved ALOT of tears and threats.

This is what Safi looked like after 30 minutes of screaming.......

She looked adorable!! AND it only cost me $10.00, SCORE!!!!

Then I picked her up from school.........

Daddy took her to school this morning (I had an early morning commitment), he swears she was wearing all her clothes when he dropped her off. :)

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