Thursday, December 1, 2011

Waiting for Spring......

As Safi says, "Today is Summer!"  It was a little warmer outside today, but not blistering hot like it was this summer, so we spent the afternoon outside in the backyard.

She played with the colored rice, pouring and dumping, dumping and pouring.  Then she moved on to the sandbox, which of course was still a little wet from that stuff that has been falling out of the sky, just can't seem to remember the name of it.  The sand was the perfect consistency to mold and really make cool things with, it was also perfect for sticking to every inch of her!!

And of course Isabel had to supervise!!!

While she was having all this fun, I cleaned out the flowerbeds and got the one along the side of the house ready to do a little planting.  Two years ago we had a beautiful show of flowers in the spring, and they weren't zinnias!! Then last year I got lazy and I thought that some of them would come back, no such luck.  So this year I am ready!!!

Tulips - 40 bulbs, Grape Hyacinth - 60, Daffodils - 100, ranunculus  - 240

I told you I am ready ;)  So Safi and I started planting this afternoon.  We got the tulips and the hyacinth planted and I will work on the rest after the rain stops this weekend.

Safi really got into it, really.....the sand was quickly replaced by dirt all over her body.  As each bulb went in the dirt, "Night, Night!"  She didn't tell them she would eat them later, "No Momma! You only eat veggies!"

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