Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Crafts

This weekend we worked on more Christmas stuff!!  Oma sent Safi a gingerbread house that we decorated.  I have to say Oma did a great job....this one was already assembled and it come with TONS of candy and icing!!!!

Can you tell which one is Momma and which one is Daddy?

Then we did a little project that I found on Pinterest and had been wanting to do.  Soooo Cute!!!

We also worked on finishing up some Salt Dough Ornaments.  They needed holes in them so they could be hung, naturally Safi had to help with the drill!!

Safi and I put up the Christmas lights outside since the rain stopped.  Tonight I finished tying some garland that I made for the mantle, now I just have to finish that tree skirt!!!

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