Wednesday, December 14, 2011

5 Days?

So, last week Chris went into tell Safi good night and they had a little discussion.  She has been staying dry at night we have been making a big deal out of it.  While they were talking, and the monitor was on so I could hear some of it, Chris promised Safi a "Big Girl Bed" if she stayed dry 5 nights in a row.

Each morning she wakes up and tells me that she is dry and a sticker goes on the calendar, not that she is going to forget because I am reminded several times a day about her reward.  Well day 5 rolled around this morning and guess what.......Safi was dry :)

So we went to IKEA this afternoon/evening and bought a Big Girl Bed.  Safi was more interested in the sheets, but she was sooooo excited!!

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  1. Any secrets to Safi's success in staying dry overnight? Ella does every once in a while, but usually she's wet...and once a week she even leaks out of her pullup. :( She simply doesn't wake up when she needs to go during the night. And I tried restricting fluids before bed, but she cries that she is so thirsty...and I just can't say no. During the day, she's fine. Been potty trained since July 2010. Help, please.