Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sidewalk Painting

After an incredibly busy day yesterday (MOPS, lunch with Daddy, the Museum, and riding the MetroRail, and Little Gym after Dark), Safi and I decided that we would stay home and take it easy today.

Last night Safi went to The Little Gym for their "Parent's Night Out."  They got to run around in the gym, eat pizza, and watch a movie.  They were to bring a pillow and a blanket with them.  So, I dug out a pillow case from some sheets that I had gotten from Gran a long time again (the pale yellow ones with little flowers).  I put it on a pillow and gave it to Safi and told her that it used to be Gran's, so now it is her special pillow and wouldn't let anyone else touch it!!

So, we read books, played with Cars, ate some lunch (Lami, blueberries, orange Jello, and whole wheat pasta.....where does she put it?), took a 2 1/2 hour nap, played a computer game, then headed outside.  It was a beautiful day!!!

Today's enticement.....sidewalk chalk paint!!  Made with water, cornstarch, and food coloring.  I think this is a recipe that we are going to have to work on, but it was fun to play with!!

So, when we start playing outside Safi has clothes on, and as you can tell by the pictures they usually end up coming off :/  I remember a time (or at least hearing about it on many occasions) that I went through a phase like this.  I lived in a neighborhood much like we do now, my mother told me that I had to keep my clothes on at our house, but if I wanted to run naked at Gran's that was ok (she lived out in the country).  I think there is a year of pictures of me without any clothes on, all of them at Gran's house :)

We did paint some on the ground, I didn't get a picture of the stuff Safi did, Isabel was licking it off the porch!!  It looks better here versus when it was first painted on, it was hard to see, here is is dry and very visible.

Then or course like all paint in our house, Safi ended up with a little body paint on her legs, then she wanted her belly done.  I did the "pumpkin" Safi painted the stem.

When it dried she tried to pick it off, it was like dry cornstarch, a little flaky and soft.

After being hosed down outside, I wrapped her in a towel and Daddy gave "The Princess" a drink.  We had pizza for dinner outside and she tried to get him to feed it to her while she laid there, little snot!

Another good day for the Ladybug!!

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