Monday, October 3, 2011

Crafty with the Caos Playdate

Today we had a playdate at the house.  I got the idea for the craft from Pinterest and had completed an example with Safi's help a few weeks ago.

Lucky for me I was on top of things because the afternoon did not go as I had planned.  Isabel through a kink in things.  The dog's claws needed to be clipped so I took them to PetSmart to get it done, when the groomer put Isabel on the table to do her claws, one of Bell's dew claws was bleeding, it had been ripped down into the quick OUCH!!!

So we went from PetSmart to the vet and dropped Isabel off.  When we got home it was about 2:00pm  and we had people coming over at 3:00!!!

I had everything set up when our friends arrived, this was going to be fun!!  I think that the moms had more fun with the craft than the kids did, but everything was good.

After crafting time we headed outside since it was sooooo nice.

The rice in the table was a big hit!!!  I promise they didn't eat it all :)

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