Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween is For BumbleBees!!

Safi has been so excited about the prospects of Trick or Treating this year.  I tried her costume on her last weekend to show Chris what it looked like on her and to make sure that everything fit and worked together.  Safi cried when I took it off of her, she thought we were going Trick or Treating then.  So the next morning we started a count down, each day she pulled a pumpkin off the door and we counted how many more days we had til Trick or Treats and cupcakes (because it was Pops' birthday too!)

The day finally arrived and Safi was in for a surprise!!!  Not only did Pops and SueSue come but so did Ankle Frank!!!!!!

While I was finishing up dinner Pops, SueSue, Ankle Frank and Safi went out on the front porch and made a "turkey" out of the pumpkin (thanks for the cute turkey!).  Apparently SueSue and Safi had a deep conversation out there as well.

Dinner time then it was time to get dressed, it was getting dark outside and time was a wasting!!!

Safi buzzed up to each door like an old pro.

Then it was back to the house for carrot cake, it was Pops' birthday and we had to celebrate.....

Another fabulous day!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Last year while painting Daddy things got a little messy.  Well, in that mess a really cool picture was taken and it made its way into a frame and on the wall.  Safi with Daddy's hand on her belly.

So we had to do it again this year!!!

Come Fly a Kite With Me

Today was a VERY windy day!!  Safi suggested we fly her kite, so we started off in the backyard.  I was worried that the kite was going to get stuck in the tree or go into a neighbor's yard so we headed down to the park......

We had a blast!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sweet Berry Farms 2011......not so sweet

We headed out to Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls again this year.  We had a blast last year (even though it was so stinking hot!) so we decided to do it again.

All was well, til we got there, Little Miss Moody showed her ugly head :(  We made the best of it and lasted a whole 45 minutes (the drive was and hour and a half).  It was a rough 45 minutes......

Yes, she is screaming here!!  Would have been a cute picture, but......