Monday, September 19, 2011

Sea World with Ankle Frank

So, let's start with a name.......Ankle Frank, Safi thinks that she is saying Uncle, but it keeps coming out as Ankle, so we will just go with it.  We have an Aunt Mad why wouldn't we have an Ankle Frank?

I love my brother so much for going on this "Adventure" with Safi and I, everyone had a great time.  Ankle Frank is a great Uncle, and I'm not really sure who loves whom more!!!

We set off on a Friday afternoon.  I had told Safi the afternoon before that Ankle Frank was going to come with us, she litterally jumped and screamed WaaaHooo.

We stayed at the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch (which is right across the street from the Hill Country Hyatt) and had fun!!!

This is the look that you are given when you tell a little girl she isn't tall enough to ride the Steel Eel, but her Uncle is.  If looks could kill that poor ride attendant would have been dead!!!  Sorry Safi, we will come back next year to see if you are tall enough :)

 Ok, this is better on Ankle Frank's shoulders looking at the penguins!!!  

 Finally a roller coaster Safi could ride!  When the guy first measured her he told Frank she wasn't tall enough, Ankle Frank wasn't going through the Steel Eel mess again, Frank told him no, try again....Safi was tall enough :))

 Time for the Carousel!!

And then there were the cargo nets....Ankle Frank followed her up!!!  Two cute kakhi butts....hard to believe his was that small not too long ago!!!

While up high in the sky Ankle Frank and Safi ran into a few friends.....

I want you to look at the net tubes.....Frank followed Safi through them, she walked he crawled and pushed kids out of the way, I mean they just moved

Looking at the dolphins toward the end of the day....

We made a day of it, and we smelled like it as well by the time we left!!  I had so much fun and I can't wait to do it again, just about time for another Adventure Ankle Frank!!!  See you in 3-4 weeks ;)

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