Sunday, September 11, 2011

San Antonio Zoo with The Ladybug

So we woke up this morning and decided that it was a day for the zoo, the San Antonio Zoo!!  Yes, we knew that it was going to be another hot one, but you only live once!!!  And the Ladybug needed to see her some animals!!!

So, Safi sported her new green SA Zoo hat and we headed off to explore some more (yes, mom forgot her sun hat at home)

She was so proud that she crossed the lilly pads all by herself!!!  So she went back and did it about 10 more times :)

We were greated by the face of the hippo this time!!!  Right up close at the window, Safi was amazed, and a little scared that it was going to eat her ;)

The secretary bird was guarding her 3 eggs, no need to sit on them in this heat!!

Then I saw this duck, I tried to get a clear picture but.....  I just thought that the wings looked pretty funny!!

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